Wizards on Western 2017, pt. 1

Wizards on Western was awesome!  There were a ton of vendors, people and dogs.  I loved the fact that this festival was outside, make it more roomy, which for people that don’t like being around a ton of other people its amazing!  If you want more information on Wizards on Western you can check out their website, Facebook page or Instagram page!

Some of the vendors that I saw in February, at the Potterhead Festival, were at Wizards on Western. Here are a few of them!

The Gold Type
Etsy Shop // Facebook // Instagram


7th And West
Website // Facebook // Instagram


Sewing With Squeak
Facebook // Instagram



Other vendors were new.  Here are a few of them!  A lot of the vendors that I didn’t see in February had some amazing things to buy!  Go check them out!

G3 Guild
Website // Facebook // Instagram

This booth hadn’t been fully set up but I wanted to see what they had anyway.  It ended up being the only place that I bought anything.  I fell in love with the Hufflepuff shirt, yes the one in the photo is the one I bought.


A Date With Iris
Website // Facebook // Twitter

This shop made me so happy!  One of the most unique shops I’ve ever been in.  I will defiantly be going back sometime soon!


Bubbly and Co. Bath Bombs
Facebook // Instagram

Sometimes I wish we had bigger bathtubs in this house, I’d love to be able to use a few bath bombs!  And these smelled fabulous!


P.S. It should be noted that I have not tagged any of these photos.  The main reason being I didn’t make any of the items in them.  The owners of the merchandise should be the ones getting credit for their creations.  Go visit their sites, I’m sure they will have items suited for anyone!

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