Wizards on Western 2017, Pt. 2

More from the Wizards on Western Festival!

The Decorations were amazing to walk around and see.  The wind stopped some the good ones from being seen in all their glory.  But the ones that weren’t blown still looked amazing!

This couple, though I have not a clue as to what or who they are – but they looked truly amazing!  And they were incredibly nice, even though they didn’t talk.


Magic Monger

This was one of my favorite booths!  I meant to go back and get a couple of the cute little magnets that they had, but I completely forgot.  *Sad face*  I can’t find them online either.  If anyone has any online info for them please let me know!

Fisher’s Fantastical Wands

Wands, death eater masks and bow truckles  – oh my!

The Five Wits
Website // Facebook // Instagram

Another one of my favorite booths had a ton of things, I wanted to get so many of the items!  I’d also like to try a lot of the teas!

Barking Dog Bakery and Boutique
Website // Facebook // Instagram

Snicker Poodles and Chocolate Frogs.  The Snicker Poodles were even done in house colors!

Moondrake Co.
Website // Facebook // Twitter

Again I don’t use bath bombs but they do have soaps! And the owners of this booth were super nice and fun!

Perlin the Sprites by Liz
Facebook // Instagram

These are the only thing I took some photos of, but Liz has a ton of amazing works!  Totally worth checking out!

Sassy Chikkin

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