Self Careathon: Day Three

Day Three: Boost

A boost can mean so many things, on so many levels.  It really just depends on what’s going on in a moment.  So here are a few of the things I do that boost my mind, body and spirit.

One of my biggest go to things is a shower.  I love showers.  Not only are you literally washing off all the yuck, its good for a mental clean as well.  If I’m not in a lot of pain, a shower helps to clear my mind.  Sometimes, when I’m feeling really good, I sing.  Singing means that I’m feeling mentally and physically good.

Listening to music and naps are my next big go to things.  Music lets my mind wonder to a happy spot.  Naps in general are basically a reboot.  The other reason that I love both of these things is that Boz will come chill with me.  Boz is a registered Emotional Support Animal (ESA) for me.  He knows when I’m feeling down and he will stick to my side. When I nap or listen to music he does the same.  He will lay with me, usually at my legs.  Feeling his body weight makes me feel safe.  It helps the most when my anxiety is running super high he is always there.

There are several other things that boost my mood as well.  Reading, writing. Doing laundry, wash my face, baking.  They may seem random but these are things that I love to do that boost my mood.  They help to make me feel better.

Boz, who is usually at my side.

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