Happy Belated 4th of July!

We ended up in Alva this past weekend for 4th of July festivities with our family.  When we were kids this was an every year thing.  Until mom and dad split up; we missed several years after that.

This year we had fajitas, which were super yummy.  There was a Salsa War, but there weren’t that many entries. But it was all good.  Dad made two different kinds, a red salsa that honestly wasn’t up to his usual par and a green salsa that was a bit too sweet for me.  My uncle made a green salsa that was lime forward, but good.  

One of my cousins and her oldest a fruit salsa that was so good.  A lot of my favorite fruits.  Her youngest made a version of the Atomic Salsa from Ted’s, minus the habaneros.  The most interesting one had butternut squash in it!  Completely different.  You could taste the spicy, but it didn’t burn your mouth off or overwhelm the taste of the other stuff.  But it was super good as well.  For me it was a toss up between the “Atomic Salsa” and the butternut squash.  I don’t know which one won.

The rest of the night I spent hanging with the one cousin who doesn’t like loud noises.  Usually she’ll just stay inside while the fireworks are going off.  This year she didn’t.  I had several cousin friendly fireworks, so she hug with me setting off smoke bombs, sparklers and jumping jacks.  And of course she sat by me when we were watching the family firework show. It was a whole lot of fun!

Smoke Bombs


Morning Glories

Self Careathon: Day Seven

Day Seven: Learn

Learning is something that I’ve always loved to do.  Pretty much just learning everything I can about various subjects.  What’s funny about be liking and wanting to learn as much as I can… I don’t do well in a classroom setting.  Not completely anyway.

I have ADHD so it’s super hard for me to concentrate in that kind of setting.    I always end up day dreaming.  I’ve had a couple of online college classes and actually did really well getting good marks in both classes.

I’d love to get a degree, I even have the classes that I want to take and schools chosen, I just don’t have the full drive to actually do it.  I also don’t have the money, which is a huge deterrent.  But you never know someday it may happen.