Self Careathon: Day Eight

Day Eight: Re-Charge

Recharging is a huge thing.  I know that sounds weird, but it’s true.  Everyone needs time to recharge, start over, start fresh.  There are so many things that can help, because often it’s not just your mind that needs to be recharged, sometimes your body, or part of, needs a recharge as well.

For my feet, pedicures are amazing.  Pedicures are great for the feet and the mind.  They are very relaxing, they help get the blood flowing and make your feet look and feel better overall.

For my body showers, lotions and movement (when I can) work the best.  Showers get all the yuck off your body, lotion soothes the skin and movement (exercise) help lift your spirits.  Got to love those endorphins!

For the mind meditation is an excellent start.  Sitting out for a little bit on a nice day, having the sun on your skin.  Reading, listening to music are also very good.  If you need a hard reboot, sleep.  Whether it’s a nap or go to bed and sleep, its great for a reboot.

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