Self Careathon: Day Twelve

Day Twelve: Animals

Oh how I love animals…. let me count the ways.

I have always loved animals, of almost any kind.  There are a few that I can do with out, but that’s totally not the point. 

When I was younger we had 2 dogs (Sparky and Spanky).  We also had a hamster and several gold fish that didn’t last long.  In my defense, we were kids and didn’t know how to take care of fish very well.  Now I currently have (technically) 4 cats, though we usually say 3.5.  

There is Makita, a Russian Blue.  Means that he’s a smokey gray color until he gets into the sun light then he has a silver blue coloring.  He is 17 years old, like head butts, kisses and cuddles.  He likes to tap dance on plastic bags and around the water bowl.  He loves sardines, canned chicken, regular chicken, pepperoni, steak, fish and cheese.  He’s incredibly ornery and is called the crotchety old man.

Then there’s Cali, a Calico.  She is the princess of the house, at 12 years old.  She’s a very sweet and loves to be petted, even if she’s the one doing it.  Just hold out your hand, she’ll do the rest.  Other wise she is a touch me not kind of girl.  She loves chicken and fish, but of very picky about what kind.  She loves her green chair, granny’s bed and drinking straight out of the faucet. 

Next is Boz, a tuxedo Ocicat mix.  This guy chose me when he was about 8-ish or so months old.  I found him when I was pulled into work on night.  He was sitting under a co-worker’s car.  I opened my door and “what are you doing buddy?”  He came right over to me.  When I got out of my car, he got in.  I let him stay all night, he settled in the back seat and slept all night.  Now  he is my RESA (Registered Emotional Support Animal).  He doesn’t eat people food, never has.  If I’m n the living room so is he and if I’m in my room, so is here.  Unless it’s bed time, then we’re both on our own.

Lastly there’s George AKA Mr. 3.5.  George showed up with his brother at the same time a couple of years ago.  When they showed up I dubbed them Fred and George.  2 years later George is apart of the family and Freddie does what ever it is Freddie does.  George is outside during the day, weather pending, then inside at night.  Hence why he is Mr. 3.5, he’s half outdoor and half indoor.  He loves to cuddle, but only me.  He’ll eat almost anything, but prefers meat.

Those are my babies.  I know they are animals but they are my fur babies and it wouldn’t be the same without it.

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