Self Careathon: Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen: Treasure

I hear treasure I think of a chest of gold, that a pirate would be in search of.  Now I definitely do not have a have a chest of gold or all of my bills would be completely caught up.  It’s true.

Now I do have a box, that I keep special to me things in.  None of it is actually worth anything money wise, but like I said it’s special to me.  There are just a few of the things that are from my box.

1.) The first two photos are of some sand that a friend brought me back from Hawaii, after she and her husband vacationed there.

2.) The next two are my giant Stegosaurus eraser. I think that I got it from Hot Topic, but a Stegosaurus has been my favorite dinosaur since I was 6, so I was super excited to find it.

3.) This is probably my favorite item. I received this from a customer when I worked at 7-Eleven. We were talking about patches and other things that we collect, he reached into his coat, pulled this off his uniform and handed it to me. He said “Here, this has been to Iraq and back twice.”

4.) That is Ryan Dallas Cook, who passed away a bit ago. He was in one of my favorite bands and was also so incredibly kind. He was such a wonderful human.

5.) This is a little Canadian coin purse that I got from a friend of mine. She lived in the states when I met, but she was originally from Canada. She got me a hat too! It’s currently put away.

6.) This is a Jeff Dunham keychain that I got from the one time that I got to see him live. I actually got 4 of them. Gave them to a few people I knew that liked him. I found one of them in the trash when I was looking for something at work that was misplaced. I found what I was looking for… found the keychain too.

7.) A name keychain that I got from an assistant manager that I had a 7-Eleven. She brought one back for all the employees in that store. I have another that my dad gave me, but I’m not really sure where it is. I took it off my keychain because it had gotten so warn down.

8.) This is a F.R.O.G. necklace that I wore. I wore it for ever until it broke. It’s really just a frog necklace, but I loved what the F.R.O.G. meant, ‘Fully Rely On God’

9.) This is a laundry clip from one of really good friends – her son’s wedding shower. There were 4 different colors. I have one of each.

Like I said, I consider these things treasures, even if to someone else they aren’t. They aren’t worth anything in money, but they mean a lot to me.

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