Self Careathon: Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen: Social

Social is honestly one thing I’m not.  I love acting silly and having fun with my people, but being social isn’t really my style.  I get to overwhelmed with the different energies of the people around me.

I don’t mind talking to people, I’ve always don’t that.  What bothers me with being social sometimes is that when I get a bad vibe from someone and I can’t get away from.

I tend to shy away from large crowds because there are so many people.  Now there have been a few instances where I have braved large crowd, like a Taylor Swift concert or going to the State Fair for Disney on Ice.  When I go to those, I get there early, ignore almost everyone and leave a little late.  That way I don’t have to wade through the crowds.

But I’m also the first person who will shout ‘bless you” when someone sneezes.  Go figure.

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