Self Careathon: Day Nineteen

Day Nineteen: Funny Memory

This may not seem funny to some people but it’s a happy memory from my childhood.  We were in Alva for the 4th of July, visiting the family there and what not.  We shot off fire works, actually all the cousins would make a show.  Well on the 3rd of July Dacoma, a near by town, would do a fireworks show.  We’d always go, have fun doing the activities and watch the show.

Well the show was over and we were back in the truck with my dad.  No clue on where mom was, different car would be my guess.  Anyway my brother and I were really hyper and laughing at everything.  Dad decided to tell a joke.  Here’s how it went (and again its really not that funny, but its a great memory for me):

Dad: Ask me if I’m an orange

Kids: Are you an orange?

Dad: No

Like I said not all the funny, but when you’re hyper and already giggling it was the funniest thing ever for us.

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