Self Careathon: Day Twenty-Five

Day Twenty-Five: Water

Water is one of my favorite things.  I love rain, swimming, showering.  My favorite is swimming.  I would love to have an endless pool, but I can’t afford one.  I could do “laps” and water walk, without having to be in the presence of anyone else.

That’s one of 3 things that stops me from getting a membership at the YMCA.  1) I’d have to be in the pool with other people, B) I don’t have the money to pay for a membership and 3) I don’t want to wear a bathing suit in front of other people.

See being in the water makes my back not hurt, at all.  Makes everything stop hurting.  And it’s truly an excellent work out because water gives you the resistance that you need.

I looked into a place that has a wonderful pool and it was twice the amount of  the YMCA, which sucks.  But it will happen, in which ever way it’s supposed to.

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