Self Careathon: Day Twenty-Seven

Day Twenty-Seven: Dream

Dreams.  There are so many different kinds of dreams.  Some good, some bad.  Now before you go forward and get mad at the categories that I have listed, I AM NOT AN EXPERT.  I can only tell you what I have experienced and what I call them.

Dream Type #1: Life Dreams.

Life dreams are what I call the dreams that you have planned for your life.  You want to be a teacher?  You go to school, all of it, do your training hours, find a job and teach.  It will take several years, but if that’s your dream, go for it!  I personally don’t have any major dreams in this category, because when I had something that I wanted to do, I was always told that, that wasn’t a good choice or that I wasn’t smart enough.  So I quite having life dreams outside of wanting to be happy.

Dream Type #2: Day Dreams/Absents.

I suffer day dreams a lot, I always have.  My mind just wonders in to a different place that isn’t present in the specific time you’re in.  Day dreams don’t have any significance, that I can remember and can vary from what your next meal is to just starting at something and being completely absent.  I have had both.  Usually the starting and being absent is the one that I deal with.

Dream Type #3: Dream Dreams.

Real original name I know, but these are the ones that you have when you’re fully asleep, the ones that you never seem to remember  and if you do, it’s only bits and pieces that you can’t really put together.  They may or may not have a meaning.  Usually of I remember any part of these dreams, it’s the parts that happened right before I wake.  I still remember a select few.

Dream Type #4: Pre-sleep Dreams.

I know that may sound weird, but these are the dreams that you can control, based on what you’re thinking before you fully go to sleep.  I’m not really sure what they are actually called and that’s the best way I know to describe them.  They are the dreams before you fall asleep.

Dream Type #5: Nightmares.

This is one that a lot of people have, that I have been lucky enough to not have that many.  I can only remember having maybe 6 or 7 over my life time.  But these are the types of dreams that wake you from your sleep.  They don’t wake you, they scare you awake.  Where you’re trying to catch your breath and looking around to figure where you really are.  Those are no the funnest dreams to have.  I credit my dream catchers (above my head board) to night having bad dreams.  And yes I’m fully aware that may sound crazy to some, but to me they work.  I have used one since I was a child.

I’m sure some people know what a dream catcher is, they are very popular in modern culture.  I don’t know if people know how they actually work or what they are for besides looking pretty, getting a tattoo or putting a sticker on their car.  But when we made them in elementary school that they are from the Native American culture.  They were used for when people would sleep, as a person slept, the dream catcher would catch all the bad dreams.  When the sun would rise it would evaporate the bad dream to no longer be there.  I couldn’t find a better word than evaporate, but that’s what the sun does.