Self Careathon: Day Twenty-Eight

Day Twenty-Eight: Time

I feel like I never have enough time, but I have the same 24 hours that everyone else has.  I just don’t seem to manage my time that well.

I know that part of it is that I can’t always do what I want because of my back.  But there several days where I just don’t do what I need to do.  I can get a lot of stuff done in those days, but most of it won’t be the stuff that I was supposed to be doing.

I have a panner and I use it (not all the time), but I need to get better at using it.  I love being able to mark off the things that I have done.  I try to plan my weeks on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings.  Some times I’m a little late, but I do try to keep a regular schedule for planning my week.

I need to work on that.

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